Pennsylvania Association of Occupational Health Nurses

Study on Disaster Response for COVID-19

Posted 11 months ago by Chad Rittle

Hello Everyone:

I am sending this message out on behalf of our new PAAOHN President, Troy Burd, who assumed office at the conclusion of our March 2020 Annual Conference in Wilkes-Barre, PA. If you were there, it was great to see all of you. If you were not, we are sorry you missed a great conference and hope to see you at the next conference.

Today I received a message from Dr. Nino Brito Martins, from the University of Delaware Disaster Research Center where they are conducting a study on the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The email address is:

The text of the message reads:

the University of Delaware is asking your assistance in learning more about the healthcare system during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are interested in learning about the experiences of a broad range of health care workers, especially to learn about the experiences of nurses (our membership) at work, the types of information and support they received, and how others in and outside of their workplace may have been treated during this time period. Findings from the study will be shared with the wider community and may help future planning to similar events.

They  would like to invite members to participate in a short anonymous survey, and we would like to ask your assistance by notifying them of this study and by providing them with a link to the survey:

By way of a brief introduction, the Disaster Research Center is the oldest center in the world devoted to the social science and management aspects of disasters, founded in 1963. Since then we have conducted hundreds of studies on various crises, emergencies, and disasters. We are always grateful to the participants in our studies, whose time and thoughtfulness enables advances in disaster science.

More information on the Disaster Research Center can be found at our website We hope that you will help us. Please feel free to reach out and we’re glad to talk further about our study.

Nuno Martins, Ph.D.


If you have time, please select the link on the message above and take the survey. 

We realize that most of our members are working and have families and other responsibilities. However, if you are available and willing to take this survey, please do so. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Martins directly.

Thanks for all you do every day for your employees and for the PAAOHN organization. Troy and I look forward to talking with many of you in person soon.  If you have any questions about the state organization and how you can help PAAOHN in our mission to further Occupational Health Nursing, we will always take time to meet with you - even if it is in a virtual manner as many of us are learning how to do via ZOOM, SKYPE and many other modes of communication every day.

Stay healthy and work smart!

Chad Rittle