Pennsylvania Association of Occupational Health Nurses

Announcing the Alternate Care Sites Task Force - Hoping all members are well while responding to the Corona Virus Crisis!

Posted 7 months ago by Chad Rittle

Hello Everyone:

I am sending this message out on behalf of our new PAAOHN President, Troy Burd, who assumed office at the conclusion of our March 2020 Annual Conference in Wilkes-Barre, PA.  If you were there, it was great to see all of you. If you were not, we are sorry you missed a great conference and hope to see you at the next conference.

The other day we received a message from Esther Santiago, an Emergency Management Program Specialist with the Federal Emergency Management Agency ( in Philadelphia.  The bulk of her message is as follows:

"On behalf of our (FEMA'S) Alternate Care Sites Task Force assisting with the Covid19 virus response, we (FEMA) are attempting to identify medical associations or organizations that are willing and able to augment staffing needs or provide medical supplies to Alternate Care Sites throughout the District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

The aforementioned States are planning for future operations; therefore, we (FEMA) are seeking input on how your organization (PAAOHN Members) could provide staff or medical supplies to assist at Alternate Care Sites.  Please take a moment to review the below-listed questions to determine if your agency or association (PAAOHN) may be of assistance in providing staffing and/or medical supplies to Alternate Care Sites in the near future."

Recognizing that we in PAAOHN are a completely voluntary organization, here are the questions Ester was asking:

* Can your association or organization provide volunteers to assist at Alternate Care Sites?

* States of interest include DC, DE, MD, PA, VA and WV

* What levels of expertise in health services can the organization provide - meaning types of medical specialties, licensures or general workers?

* Does the organization have medical supplies to donate or sell?

We realize that most of our members are working and have families and other responsibilities.  However, if you are available and willing to volunteer for FEMA's Alternate Care Sites Task Force, please contact Esther Santiago directly at:

Esther Santiago

Emergency Management Program Specialist

Region 3| Recovery Division | Individual Assistance Branch

615 Chestnut Street, 6th Floor | Philadelphia, PA 19106

Cell: (267) 319-6308

I do not have any additional information other than what was provided in this message. So, if you are interested please contact Esther directly.

Thanks for all you do every day for your employees and for the PAAOHN organization. Troy and I look forward to talking with many of you in person soon.  If you have any questions about the state organization and how you can help PAAOHN in our mission to further Occupational Health Nursing, we will always take time to meet with you - even if it is in a virtual manner as many of us are learning how to do via ZOOM, SKYPE and many other modes of communication every day.

Stay healthy and work smart!

Chad Rittle