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2020 Conference Thank-You

Posted 11 months ago by Troy Burd

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Thank you so much to everyone who was able to attend the 58th Annual Pennsylvania Association of Occupational Health Nurses 2020 Conference.  The generosity of conference attendees, speakers and vendors raised $1,000 for the Scranton Ronald McDonald House!  You are the best! The thank-you letter from the Ronald McDonald House is attached.

A special thanks to Amy Dailey, Mindy Guillory and Betty Bauman for spearheading this project. Ladies, your dedication and hard work were on display for all to see. 

Nice work!


Nancy Clover 8 months ago

wonderful work all!

Nancy Ritz 8 months ago

The 58th PAAOHN Conference was a great learning event. The speakers were excellent and knowledgeable about their topics. It was heartwarming to raise $1,000 monetary gift for the Scranton McDonald House from the raffle of all those wonderful donations. Thank you all.

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