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PowerPoint Slides for the Upcoming PAAOHN 2018 Conference - Update

Posted 9 months ago by Chad Rittle

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I know I sent this before.  I apologize for filling up your mailbox.  I am still learning the new system

I found out that the system works better if the files are posted as a .pdf.  So, you will see all of them posted now as .pdf files.  It should work now.  Sorry for the problems - it all worked well for me on my computer so I did not know there was a problem

Hope to see many of you tomorrow


Hello Everyone!

We are coming down the home stretch.  The 2018 PAAOHN Conference in Lancaster is only 1 week away.  We look forward to seeing all of you there.

Attached with this announcement are the slides for all speakers.  You can download them at your liesure.  If you have any questions, please pass them along to Chad Rittle at

As of today, I have not received one of the slide sets.  I will post it as soon as I receive it.

Thank you all for your patience!  See you in Lancaster!

Chad Rittle, President PAAOHN


Kathleen Cassel 7 months ago

I cannot open the WC presentation. Is this one you haven't received. I have all the others.

Laura Jones 7 months ago

I cannot open it either. I tried last week when they were posted and again today

Kathleen Cassel 7 months ago

Thanks Chad!! I am not looking forward to the drive tomorrow. No rooms in the inn for tonight either!

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